Let us create the design of your dreams. Our award-winning designer can create the atmosphere and beauty you are looking for your outdoor space.

Our designs not only include a bountiful selection of plants, shrubs and trees, but we also like to incorporate a variety of hardscapes, including rock walls, pergolas, reflection ponds, children’s gardens, water features and fire pits.

We specialize in creating a sustainable garden design that takes into account your soil type, water conditions, exposure to sun and shade, and existing plant life to create a low maintenance yard and garden for your maximum enjoyment!

Meet the Owner

My mother once told me, “The land is the canvas and you are the artist! Be a land-sculptor!”
Gardening truly is an art and my mom was definitely a master artist. As a young boy, I remember our house always being filled with flower and foliage arrangements- always fresh cut from mother’s garden. From the church flower guild, to the garden club, she was always participating in the local botanical groups.

As I grew older, my mom quickly passed her love for plants and gardening onto me. I began growing my own vegetables, and tending to my own plants and flowers in the greenhouse, and it just kept “growing” from there. As a young man, I spent my summers working at Jackson Heights Nursery and Taylors Garden Center. I also had the privilege of working at Babylon Gardens, Mother Nature’s Greenhouse, and Insta-tree.

All my experience with lawn work, and my love for making art out of a few plants finally led me to open up my own nursery and landscaping business – Botanica.
I am definitely passionate about my work, and I know when you come to Botanica, we will be able to find the right mediums to turn your blank canvas into a beautiful land sculpture!

James Bryan

Personal Awards: Winner of the Tour of Homes and Parade of Homes, South Carolina Certified Nurseryman as well as parade + winner